Anya Prince on Genetic Discrimination and Privacy


1:00 What does GINA protect, and how do other laws fill in some of GINA’s gaps?

14:00 Will we see insurance companies using genetic information in areas that are not protected by GINA?

25:45 Florida* passes the first state law extending GINA’s protections to other forms of insurance. “What’s remarkable about the Florida law,” says Anya, “is not that the bill was introduced, but that it actually made it through committee without the insurance lobby being able to change it.” (*yes, Florida. I admit it, I did not see that coming.)

36:35 New federal regulations prohibit “information blocking”: “if you have any reports you must immediately release it to the patient.”

43:00 Is privacy regulation coming? “I hope we have new privacy laws and I hope it doesn’t stop at genetics.”

Increasingly, algorithms and computing power are combining to turn us into both the sources and the subjects of big data. Professor Anya Prince from the University of Iowa College of Law, an expert in genetics and the law, joins us to explore the twin threats of genetic discrimination and loss of privacy in an age of SO MUCH genetic data.

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