Colleen Caleshu on GC Burnout


0:00 The JEMF grant to study burnout among genetic counselors

8:30 Are GC’s particularly susceptible to burnout? “We do show slightly higher rates of burnout in the literature compared to doctors and nurses, across multiple studies.”

(Colleen recommends a book with a ‘free PDF’ version in the upper right corner.)

18:15 Is it the individual or the job? Are we selecting for anxiety?

24:00 The high cost of burnout: an estimated 4 billion dollars a year

31:15 How can managers address GC burnout? Make sure counselors feel valued.

50:15 Pandemic burnout is very real.

Colleen Caleshu, Senior Director of Research at GeneMatters, received the Jane Engleberg Memorial Foundation Fellowship in 2019 for a randomized controlled trial of meditation to improve genetic counselor professional well-being. She received the best abstract award at the 2021 NSGC Annual Conference for part of this work. Colleen is a Ph.D. candidate at Leiden University and a genetic counselor who specializes in cardio genetics and kindness.

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