Erica Ramos

Guest: Erica Ramos, President of NSGC, M.S., Director and Head of Clinical & Business Development, Geisinger National Precision Health


00:00 ER talks about taking on big challenges: when you’re offered an opportunity and you don’t think you’re ready, say yes

06:57 Introducing the new NSGC Strategic Plan

09:27 Is NSGC forward looking? ER explains why forward-looking does not always mean quick to respond.

24:12 Geisinger’s new clinical exome program is a radical idea conservatively executed… ER fills us in on the rate of actionable results, and why that might soon change

29:06 How will Geisinger use exome data in the EHR? Not selling it for drug development, ER promises. Research and reanalysis…

34:35 ER talks about how proud she is of the NSGC community’s response to the loss of Kathryn Whitmer, including an upcoming bone marrow donor drive in her honor at the annual conference.

Ever since she was a small child, Erica Ramos dreamed of being president of NSGC …

Okay no. Erica talks about her path to the presidency, her least favorite thing about the job, and why she has trouble staying on message (ps she seems pretty on message to me). Plus, breaking news on the Beagle! Erica describes NSGC’s new diversity initiative, and what diversity means in the context of an organization of genetic professionals… spoiler alert: it’s about being inclusive of thought, experience and culture, and NOT about your genes. But is it about Y chromosomes?

I ask Erica about her recent move from Illumina to Geisinger Health Systems in Danville PA and guess what? It turns out that she has moved in spirit but remains in San Diego for now… Meanwhile, Geisinger’s CEO has declared that “some day is today” and launched their free clinical exome program. What does that look like IRL? Erica fills us in.

Finally, Erica promises us the biggest annual conference ever this year in Atlanta (not that she’s competitive or anything).

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