Jodie Ingles on Cardio Genetics


1:07 Cardiogenetics seventeen years ago? “It didn’t exist. Test results came back in two years!"

6:30 "Now I think I know exactly what I am doing…”

11:00 Rethinking how to advise family members who carry a pathogenic variant but are themselves symptom-free.

16:45 The power of data and the Share Registry, an international database of over 8000 people with cardiomyopathy.

21:00 Lots of scary things in Australia but not Covid!

26:00 On genetic medicine and understudied populations...

33:00 On the need for humility in genetics . . .

Today we reach out across closed borders to Australia for a chat with Jodie Ingles, one of the first people anywhere in the world to focus on cardiogenetic counseling. Jodie talks to us about how the field has changed in the last 17 years, and where we are headed next.

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