Noura Abul Husn on Translational Genomics


7:45 Why does it take so long to translate research into clinical care?

15:45 What are the obstacles? A review of The Usual Suspects:

There are probably many physicians still who think that genetics does not have to do with how they practice medicine

How can we get more testing to be routinely reimbursed?

“There’s more that we can do to broaden the lay public’s knowledge of genetics and its role in health and disease.”

Overcoming stereotypes: “we looked at participants in the biobank and (for example) people who spoke Spanish were much MORE interested in receipt of results.”

It’s difficult to search for genetic results in the electronic medical record because of a lack of interoperability…. “There are things being done” to make genetic results more visible and searchable.

35:02 VUS’s: To report or not to report, that is the question…

40:10 Noura joins the gate-openers

Noura Abul-Husn got her MD and PhD from Mt Sinai in NYC, where she later served as the first clinical director of the Institute for Genomic Health and Chief of Genomic Medicine. Today, she is Vice President for Genomic Health at 23andMe. She joins us here on the Beagle today to discuss the state of translational efforts in genomic medicine and look at some of the barriers to the integration of genetics into routine clinical care.

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