Sex, Gender, and NIPT with Hannah Llorin and Kim Zayhowski


3:05 Pushing back against a narrative that supports false ideas of bio-essentialism

14:30 Speaking out about chromosomes and sex: “A matter of accuracy but also a matter of justice.”

18:30 How and why the medical community fails intersex individuals.

23:15 Advocating for the LGBTQ community through genetic counseling: “very personal mission.”

26:20 Changing the field of genetic counseling: We can’t just have the “DEI class” or the “gay lecture.”

Hannah Llorin is a reproductive genetic counselor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, and Kim Zayhowski is a cancer genetic counselor at Boston Medical Center and a faculty member at the Boston University Genetic Counseling Program. Recently, Kim and Hannah co-authored a Perspectives article questioning whether the language we use when discussing NIPT results reinforces an inaccurate understanding of the relationship between sex and gender, and ignores the existence of a vulnerable minority of folks who are born intersex. Kim and Hannah join us today to discuss their article, their thoughts on how to be better, and their own budding role as activists in the genetic counseling community.

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