Why Has PGx Testing Been So Hard? with Kristine Ashcraft


2:00 PGX was supposed to be a slam-dunk use of genetic testing. Why has it been so hard?

4:20 Are we at an inflection point? Kristine points to CPIC or Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium.

7:30 It may be more effective to work through pharmacists.

13:15 What is the roadmap for integrating PGX into clinical care?

23:10 Wherein we realize that Laura desperately needs PGX testing. Kristine bets that Laura is a CYP2D6 ultra-rapid metabolizer. Does anyone else care to place a bet?

KA’s final note is a PSA: support the Right Act, which will require the use of pharmacogenetic information in prescribing. Details at http://fourthcause.org/rightact.

Pharmacogenetics testing: where are we today? Kristine Ashcraft, CEO, and founder of YouScript, a translational PGX start-up that Invitae recently acquired, joins us on the Beagle to discuss why it has been so hard to get the ball rolling on PGX testing. Kristine, who was called one of the 25 leading voices in precision medicine by BIS Medicine in 2019, lays out a roadmap to the integration of PGX testing into routine clinical care.

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