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Is Luna Genetics a Game Changer? Ron Wapner on Prenatal Genetics

Ten years ago, prenatal testing was revolutionized by the introduction of non-invasive testing, which improved the positive predictive value of testing while reanimating concerns that have dogged reproductive genetics from the get-go: what should we test for and who should decide? Now, start-up Luna Genetics has announced its arrival, bringing to market the first non-invasive test that will look at intact cells from the fetus (well, the fetal placenta). Will Luna upend the prenatal testing market once again? NIPT took a hit with a critical front-page article in the NY Times last week. Does Luna represent another blow?

Joining us to answer these questions (and others) is Dr. Ron Wapner, Director of Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York. Ron has been a pioneer in reproductive genetics, having witnessed and participated in the evolution of the field, and he is a member of the Luna Genetics Scientific Advisory Board.

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