Amy Sturm

00:00: Geisinger… why is rural Pennsylvania a center of the genomics universe? Amy explains why she drank the KoolAid. Pop culture quiz: how is Geisinger like the NY Yankees?

08:38 Amy was a pioneer in cardiovascular genetics – is it still a start-up culture?

10:54 Step one for cardiogenetic counseling: life saving information for individuals with monogenic risks (if we can find them).

19:15 Introducing a new model for cardiovascular risk: fruit salad people and smoothie people (hat tip, Sek Kathiresan and Kiran Musunuru!). We can get doctors and payers on board for fruit salad people, Amy says. What about smoothie people?

28:10 Chatbots: skeptical to begin with, Amy is all about the bot. And uptake in their patient populaton is surprisingly high.

Amy Sturm is the head of cardiovascular genomic counseling at the Genomic Medicine Institute at Geisinger, that surprisingly cutting edge in the middle of nowhere (I’ve been there; trust me). Amy, a cardiogen pioneer for almost 20 year (cue Amy, gasping) is also the current President of the National Society of Genetic Counselors.

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