Michelle Mello on Abortion, Privacy, and Genetic Counseling after Dobbs

The dismantling of the right to abortion established under Roe v Wade has left many clinicians angry, uncertain, and in dire need of legal advice. If that describes you – speak to a lawyer! Don’t get your legal advice from a podcast, you silly goose. But first: you might want to listen to this conversation with Stanford’s Michelle Mello, a law and health policy professor. Her work examines the intersection of health, law, and ethics; in a recent article in JAMA, Michelle and co-author Kayte Spector-Bagdady suggest that protecting patients and practitioners from legal jeopardy in the post-Dobbs age may require us to rethink what information we put in the medical record.

Laura and Jordan Brown on New Challenges to Abortion Law and What they Mean for Prenatal Diagnostics

The legal landscape for abortion is changing rapidly, and in ways that will inevitably affect genetic counseling practice in many states. Joining Laura to discuss the new laws and the role that NSGC can play – if the organization decides that protecting reproductive rights is a priority for its membership-- is Jordan Brown, assistant Director at the genetic counseling program at the Ohio State University, vice chair of the NSGC Public Policy Committee, and a member of the newly formed NSGC Task Force looking at the challenges to reproductive rights. Recently, Jordan documented her concern over the response – or lack thereof – to an issue fundamental to GC practice in a blog post on the DNA Exchange.

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